IT Management Subscription

Get the most for your IT Management $’s

NETMG’s IT Management Subscription (IMS) is a management platform outsourcing service. It allows you to remove the cost volatility of your management platform from your IT management budget by paying a single, flat-rate fee.

IMS starts with industry leading open source framework technologies.  NETMG engineers configure and extend the platform in ways that are specific to your business and your requirements. By managing all aspects of your technology infrastructure (from Optical Networks, VLAN’s, IP management, Servers, Applications, as well as business & organizational impacts) , an IMS contract will insure your technology infrastructure is being pro-actively manage by experts.

Included in the (fixed monthly) cost of IMS is all software installation, configuration & maintenance. It is a single-source, all-inclusive management platform that is configured specifically for your environment. To insure the platform is evolving with your business, monthly management meetings are held to identify new requirements, pass along changes in business/management strategies, etc. The only staffing required on your part is the ‘physical response team” for notifications from IMS.

Call us today to find out how IMS can save you time and money – and get you back to focusing on your core business!